Watch the tutorial video or red the step by step guide below.

Tutorial Video:

(Note parts of the Video is obsolete. Code Inspector Variant are automatically created)

1.Add Your SAP System to Your Account

Add your SAP system. System is the SAP system ID (SY-SYSID). We recommend to use your development system or maybe a sandbox if you are just trying out.

2.Download the SAP Extractor

Download the file and extract. 

The file contains text files with two programs and 4 classes. Images to help setting the selection texts. A .nuggent file containing the two programs for SAPLink import. Transport files to import with the SAP transport system 

Certificate files to use if you are creating an SSL ID client in SAP Transaction STRUST (only used if you want to use https). 

3.Run the First Inspection

The file zhanalyzer_send_https.txt contains the program that is used to send inspection data to HanaLyzer.

Create the program as a local object. 

Use the images to that was extracted from the ZIP file to help with the selection text and text symbols.

Run the program 

Leave project as HANAREADY.

If you have created an SSL Client ID with the gekkobrain certificates, choose this in SSL field.

If you want to use a proxy for outbound http traffic enter the host and service information in the parameters on screen.

Enter the system information apikey (you can find this in systems

Enter your account number (you can find this in our account on this link

If you have created the SAP Code Inspector variant and Named it ZHANALYZER as a global variant  you can now run the program. You would probably have to run it in the background as it creates a new SAP Code Inspector inspection and that can take hours

4. Manage Result in The Cloud

See an estimate of your project. Prioritize your development based on check priorities and usage from production system. Manage your project tasks. See the remaining tasks and prove you will be ready in time with the burndown chart. Access from: